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***Blowout prices include TWAW Purple and TWAW Old Glory ONLY. These are blowout items and CANNOT be returned or exchanged. (Blowout pricing and restrictions do not apply to Black Carbon Fiber holsters.)


Stocked models in TWAW black carbon fiber and Old Glory. There are only select models in TWAW purple.

Please note the different style in holster for firearms that have a laser. We only carry a few firearm/laser combinations in stock. For custom laser equipped firearms, click here.

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The Well Armed Woman In The Waistband holster solves your problems! My In The Waistband IWB holster is the answer to the challenges we have as women. I listened to you and to what you wanted in a holster and now you can have the perfect blend of function, comfort, and Flair! Enjoy knowing your search for the perfect inside-the-waistband holster is over! ~ Carrie Lightfoot

Key functional features of this revolutionary holster:

  • No Bulge Ultra-Slim Profile: Our slim and minimalist designs means only you will know it’s there! Our recessed clip makes this holster lay flatter than any other and minimizes the bulge! This also prevents scratches to your barrel that are common with traditional clips or screws.
  • Smooth comfort: We don’t need anymore plastic in our pants than is necessary! Our holster is trimmed to remove any extra kydex and smoothed to perfection so no irritating sharp or protruding edges!
  • Our Double Sweat Shield protects both your gun and your clothes from moisture and dirt.
  • Wear any shirt you want! Our deep tuckable clip works on any type of waistband (with or without a belt -will fit a 1 1/2 or 1 3/4 inch belt) so you can tuck in ANY shirt
  • Decide How Low: our Low Ride Adjustable Clip lets you raise or lower the ride height to fit your body and clothing best. This keeps the grip low to the waistband for a woman’s shorter waist. (smaller gun holsters have less adjustability)
  • You can adjust the cant to just the perfect angle for the perfect draw for you. We include Vibra-Tite VC-3 Threadmate FREE to help you keep cant adjustment tight.
  • It’s even Ambidextrous!
  • Holds your gun securely so it stays put! Made of .080 Kydex to give you the ultimate retention.

2 Easy Steps To Order Yours:

  1. Select your firearm model from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select your color from the drop-down menu.
  3. Don’t see your gun model or the color you want?  Click here for custom options

Of course you need a matching magazine holster for a complete set!

Universal & Ambidextrous Magazine Holster by TWAW





The Innovative Ulticlip for Ultimate Versatility

Don’t wear a belt? Problem solved! This ultimate holster clip changes in the waistband carry forever! Its revolutionary clamp design has no need for a belt or any other secondary means of support to provide its retention. Now you can wear just about any in the waistband holster that currently has a clip (Screw on or retention holster clips) with ANY WAISTBAND, regardless of its thickness. Even leggings or suit pants, (Note: a heavier firearm clipped onto a thinner waistband, may sag and not provide proper retention) It offers over 10 times the retention and can clip while increasing conceal-ability with its short clip lever so less clip is showing on your waistband.

You can add one to your order above.

Not sure if you need one? Click here to learn more

Tammy shares: “Bought two of these clips and they are unbelievably strong! I just love that I don’t even need to wear a belt and not fear losing my firearm. Would absolutely recommend the ulti-clip!”


Holster fit troubleshooting

It is very common with Kydex holsters that it may be a bit snug or loose on your gun. Because they are molded one at a time, there can be slight variations in the molding of your holster. You may need to simply custom fit it to your gun. If your holster is either too tight around your gun (the gun doesn’t draw and perhaps comes off the waistband when you draw) or too loose and your gun slips easily out of the holster, try these troubleshooting tips with your UNLOADED firearm:

Too tight: wrap your gun in a plastic bag to add just a bit of size to your gun. Heat the holster with a blow dryer to soften and put it on your wrapped gun and let cool.

Too loose: Heat the holster with a blow dryer to soften, insert your gun and “press” the holster around your gun then let cool.

If you have any questions or these techniques are not effective – send us an email at [email protected]

We will make sure you are happy with your holster.


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Reviews (151)

151 reviews for In The Waistband Holster by The Well Armed Woman – Ready to Ship

  1. Cissy

    I have had this holster for my Sig P938 for a few years now and after this past week I am amazed by it. I was in a motorcycle accident while wearing my weapon and even with sliding across asphalt the holster did not move and my weapon did not dislodge from the holster. While insurance cover all losses with my riding gear I doubt they would have covered a $700 firearm, but thanks to this holster I did not have to find out. When looking for a holster I wasn’t looking for one to hold up to a motorcycle crash, but now that I know it does I will be getting one for any weapon I plan to carry!

  2. Kara B

    I have a Sig P320SC with rails so my order was custom. I also picked the Old Glory print so the wait time was 3-5 weeks, I was fine with that. At first, my firearm would not fit in the holster. I called the phone number listed on my receipt and left a message. The voicemail said to allow for up to two business days to get a call back but, I received a call no less than an hour later! The woman on the phone was so warm and friendly! She listened to my issue and told me exactly how to resolve it. I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant experience and absolutely love my holster. I ordered the ulticlip, works wonders! I am 5’9″ and 160 lbs. No pinching or discomfort what so ever, its like it isn’t even there. Going to be a lifetime customer…thank you!

  3. Diana

    I use this on my ranch everyday; it works on stretch pants but watch out for the boy-oy-oyng factor. The elastic will give, so you may keep pulling and not get your gun out! hold the holster lightly with one hand, pull quickly with the other, works great!
    It has an excellent, tight fit, your firearm stays put when holstered. I’m 5’8″, 150 lbs. Beware if you have extra weight, if you sit down it may pinch your side. Otherwise, super comfortable, excellent product.

  4. Wendy

    I have a S&W .380 Bodyguard and the Ruger SR9C. Bought this holster without ultimate clip and love both. I have clipped them to just my jeans IWB and have had no problems. I recently bought a Sig P938 and love the gun. It needs a holster so yes I am buying another one. This time I might just purchase the Ultimate Clip after reading some of the reviews. My Sig I have fallen in love with and want to carry this one on the body, so here I am to buy another. I love these holsters as they are well made and keep my guns secure. Friends have asked where I have purchased them and referred them to this sight even though some are men. 🙂

  5. Paula J Moses

    I have 2 of these – the 1st is for my Ruger LCP and I liked it so well I decided to get one for my Beretta PX4 Storm Compact. That one had to be special ordered, but it arrived within the 3-5 weeks as stated. This is the only IWB holster that I’ve found comfortable enough to wear consistently, and I am even starting to carry my PX4 Storm, which is a fairly large firearm to conceal.

    The only two things I could complain about are 1) I would like to be able to put 2 screws in to secure the clip because I find that the holster doesn’t stay at the cant that I originally set, and I have to periodically readjust it. 2) There are times when I have to leave my firearm in the car, and I’d like to be able to leave my holster in place and just remove the firearm. But the upper edge (that covers the safety) is pretty pointed, and digs into my side when the firearm isn’t in it. If that could be a little more rounded it would be more comfortable.

  6. Nancy

    Just received my holster yesterday. Threw my P938 on this morning and I have to say this is the most comfortable holster I have ever worn. Bought the Old Glory and its fabulous. Also bought the ulticlip and will be installing it later today. I’m going to brag to all my CCW friends about this one. May be ordering another for one of my other pistols soon. Thank you Carrie for a great product

  7. Valerie Blackketter

    This holster and it’s exactly what I’ve spent months looking for. The typical concealed holster wraps around my whole side. They are cumbersome and impede movement. I need to be able to move freely at my job. It’s so compact that I can move every direction. Yes, I feel it there, but it doesn’t stop me from moving. And it’s beautiful!!! The gun fits snugly in the holster, and I can grab the grip, have it out in a snap and comfortable in my hand, no trying to figure out how to grab it safely. It’s natural. I don’t wear a belt, and utility clip does not let go of my pants. The price is far beyond reasonable. It will stealthily fit in any part of my waistband I can’t say enough good about this holster! My husband also got one because of the compact size, and he is amazed. It’s absolutely perfect for us.

  8. Sarah

    I really like this holster! It’s compact enough not to print when I wear it under my jacket, and my gun (Glock 26) fits perfectly. I made the initial decision not to buy the “Ulti Clip” when I bought this holster, and that was a bad choice, since the factory clip on this holster isn’t very secure, even while wearing a belt. The holster pulls right out of my waistband even when I use quick, upward force. I finally decided to order the Ulti Clip, though, and I’m pretty sure that’ll solve my problem. Otherwise, no complaints! It’s a wonderful product!

  9. Debora Civilla

    I have purchased Many holsters in the short time that I’ve had my CCW permit I have to say this In The Waistband Holster is The Absolute BEST. I went to visit my Grandbabies 3 & 4 for the first time carrying and Wanted my weapon on Me the whole time and Securely,Hidden and Comfortable. I carry a Glock 19 and it’s fairly big and heavy and difficult to conceal , I’m petite & a sz 4 SO it doesn’t lay properly in my jeans. I don’t wear a belt. Well I order another holster that was Very Similar to TWAW holster because I could get it a day before my trip, but also order TWAW holster.So glad I did. TWAW in the waistband holster, Wears/feels BETTER
    CONCEALS Better because I can lower the screw so it sits Lower and Now that allows my big weapon to truly be concealed,no handle
    Sticking out. My husband Saids No more holsters, I have NO need for another. My gun feels More Secure, More Comfortable and Love that the holster protects my gun from my body sweat. Thanks for AWESOME product.

  10. Lee

    I am in love with this holster! My old leather one created chaffing which was driving me crazy. This holster really got rid of the bulk in my waistband and is so comfortable.

  11. Tracie

    I have a love/hate relationship with this holster. I hate that I had to spend $10 to add a better clip. I hate that the better clip changes the way the holster now fits. I hate that the original clip doesn’t hold when I draw my firearm out(the entire holster comes along with it)
    I love the holster’s fit of my firearm. I love that with the original clip, it conceals quite well. I originally loved how easy it was to take off and on, but since it has no retention when I actually draw, I no longer enjoy that benefit. The new clip makes removal quite a challenge. Still working out the kinks, but happy for the most part.

  12. Alexis Sullivan

    Obsessed with this holster! By far the best I have/tried. So comfortable and form fitting. I’m very petite being 5’1 110lbs and my S&W M&p Shield conceals so well! I love it and recommend very much! Shipping was so fast as well. Even came earlier than what tracking expected. I’m very pleased with my purchase!

  13. Hailey

    I absolutely love this holster!!! It’s so much slimmer than any other holster I’ve tried. I have a Sig Sauer P238 and I love that it covers the trigger completely as well as the safety. I would recommend getting the ultimate clip as well! This holster keeps my gun in tight which is good, but when drawing it out I have to jerk it a bit causing the holster to come unclipped from my pants. When using the ultimate clip my holster stays in place perfectly! My husband tried it and loves it as well, he’s even asked me if he can carry mine lol needless to say I’ll be ordering him one soon

  14. Sandra Hughes

    I couldn’t wait to try out this holster. I love how slim and discreet it is. My gun fits in it securely. (A complaint about my previous holster. Would drop out when using the bathroom) It fits my waistband perfectly. I have to say, however, that I am disappointed that the band clip won’t stay straight. I think it needs another bolt to hold the other end secure. My husband has tightened it as much as possible but it still moves throughout the day. That’s my only complaint about this holster.

  15. Nancy

    I love this holster. It wears easy on and off. Very comfortable.

  16. Mara

    This is by far the best IWB/AIWB holster I’ve tried. Perfect out of the package. Comfortable and my firearm slides smoothly in and out of it with excellent retention. Clip is located in perfect place to make it slim.

  17. jenn

    It took awhile to find the right position with my Sig p938: cant/height/placement- lots of variables! At first it either printed or poked the hammer into my fluffy gut when sitting. After playing a couple weeks I’ve found the perfect combination. It doesn’t print or stab. It’s now comfortable enough I’ve caught myself forgetting it was there, thinking it was my phone!

    I’m using the lowest hole; just in front of 3:00; canted slightly to the front. It hides nicely in my curves there! I use the ulticlip and it’s very secure – I even feel comfortable with my granddaughter climbing on me.

    What I like:
    + Solid covering of the trigger – I know it’s protected.
    + I LOVE that it covers my thumb safety. Not many do and I like knowing it’s not moving!
    + Very discrete & adjustable. I’m poke-free & print-free.
    + Secure. It’s not going anywhere, even in the bathroom!
    + The purple matches my purple rubber Hogue grips! ha!

  18. April

    I just got this for my Ruger LC9s and it fits perfect. It works great for me as it is easy to conceal and comfortable to wear. Nice smooth draw and re-holster. I hate wearing belts and love the utility clip.

  19. Tara

    I absolutely love this holster. I don’t wear belts and with the Ulticlip, I don’t have to! It is super easy to conceal, with where the clip is located, and the retention is great. Mine was a little too tight when I first got it, but after heating it up a couple of times with a hair dryer (with my gun in a zip lock) it is perfect now. It covers the magazine release and the safety completely. This is the second holster I have bought from TWAW for two different pistols and the quality is top notch!

  20. MommaR

    Wanted to love it. Used with a Ulticlip for an advanced concealed carry class, after repeated draws and holster was too much wiggle. Added a belt for a little stability, still too much wiggle causing problems on the draw. Changed out the ulticlip for regular clip and put on a gun belt. After a little use, drew and the entire holster came off. In a life and death situation, this is a problem. I need a holster that will stay put no matter what. We moved the IWB to OWB with the ulticlip and the belt and the holster stayed on my pants however, sometimes on the draw the holster would spin and I would have trouble getting it the gun out of the holster. The holster wiggled and I was constantly moving the holster back with my elbow on the draw, quite a pain. This will not be my everyday carry holster. I was so disappointed in its performance at the range. Well, at least its pretty. I am purchasing the DeSantis Intruder, it is ugly, comfortable and will perform as expected.

  21. Luzy Quiroga

    Fit my gun perfect. Fit me comfortable as well. I liked how slim and discreet it is.

  22. June Keck

    Can’t wear belts due to bad back. When in the bathroom I’ve had a problem with a Different manufacturer’s holster flipping off my short’s waistband and gun falling out. Not good.

    Absolutely love this IWB Holster. I carry a Colt .380. This holster if very comfortable. Only one I’ve found with double “ears” no more sights digging into me or my clothes. Very secure fit for my pistol. Wore it for a couple of days with the regular clip. No complaints. Then put the Ulticlip on the holster. WOW! From now on every holster will have an Ulticlip. Great retention of both the gun and the Ulticlip. Nicely adjustable. I now feel confident my gun will be were I put it, when I need it.

  23. Linda

    I love this holster. I have a Sig P238 with a Crimson laser. It’s a perfect fit. The gun kind of snaps in, but comes out for a smooth draw. The holster stays securely on my pants and is very comfortable to wear. A great investment and well worth the wait.

  24. Linda

    I ordered this holster for my Sig P238 with a Crimson laser. The fit is perfect. The gun kind of snaps into place, but has nice smooth draw when removing it. The holster stays firmly in place and is very comfortable to wear. This is a great investment and well worth the wait.

  25. Lisa

    Perfect fit! This is the best fitting holster I have ever bought! There is a very positive snap when the firearm is inserted into the holster, ensuring it is secure, which I love. I also like the selection of colors and designs available from TWAW. I would highly recommend this holster.

  26. June Keck

    Can’t wear belts due to bad back. When in the bathroom I’ve had a problem with a Different manufacturer’s holster flipping off my short’s waistband and gun falling out. Not good.

    Absolutely love this IWB Holster. I carry a Colt .380. This holster if very comfortable. Only one I’ve found with double “ears” no more sights digging into me or my clothes. Very secure fit for my pistol. Wore it for a couple of days with the regular clip. No complaints. Then put the Ulticlip on the holster. WOW! From now on every holster will have an Ulticlip. Great retention of both the gun and the Ulticlip. Nicely adjustable. I now feel confident my gun will be were I put it, when I need it.

  27. Amanda

    I just received my holster and I am excited! This is my very first holster for my first gun I’ve ever bought (but not the last I assure you!). I bought my Kimber Micro off a really dear friend of mine and I immediately started looking for holsters for it that could be used multiple ways. I was coming up empty for a while. Some holsters were too bulky or seemed like they would really be uncomfortable. Plus I wanted one that I could use ambidextrous and easily conceal in my purse as well. I was feeling discouraged. However, in the search, I found this site.
    I loved the customization options, so I dove right in and ordered one. Total turn around from checkout to my hand was 4 weeks (impressive!). I also highly recommend getting the UltiClip with your order because you have so many more options of places to clip your holster. I am so happy with my purchase and will be coming back for future holster purchases. Thanks TWAW!

  28. Tracy

    I’ve been carrying daily with this holster for about two months now. I really like the clamshell’s security and protection of the trigger. For the most part it is very comfortable and I often forget I am wearing it. For the most part… My main disappointment, and the only reason I consider getting another holster, is that my rear sites are not guarded and can at times dig into and scratch at my body. It can be quite painful. If only the holster came up further, I would consider this a perfect holster. I do use it with the provided clip because the ulticlip, due to placement with this particular holster, makes for a very painful draw.

  29. Rachel

    I don’t recommend this if u have a light or laser, it moves the belt clip too close to the grip and it’s in the way trying to draw. Also, the stock clip is too long, I replaced mine w one from another website that fits my women’s belt better and isn’t in the way when drawing the weapon.

  30. Amber

    I bought this holster in gun metal for my Colt Mustang. I ordered it in March knowing there was a 3-5 week wait. It arrived in May, just over 8 weeks after ordering it. When it finally did arrive, it was so loose that my firearm would slip right out and the holster had to be fixed with a hair dryer. Though I do understand that can happen with kydex, fixing a brand new holster wasn’t something I cared for.
    It does hold my gun very well now that the problem has been fixed. I like how low it sits in my jeans and how well it seems to conceal.
    I was all set to give this a 2 or 3 star rating because of the extra wait time and because I had to fix it myself. However, the holster seems to be working perfectly now. Not only that, but customer service was wonderful. She was always very polite and answered my emails and questions promptly, which was very much appreciated.
    I would recommend both the company & the holster. Just be aware that the wait might be extremely long.

  31. Jess

    If you ask 100 different women what their perfect holster would be, you would probably get 100 different answers. What I love about this holster is that it’s at the best intersection of it all. I am new to concealed carry and did a ton of research on almost every holster there is, and while this isn’t a perfect holster (because honestly I don’t think one exists), it comes pretty close. I never thought I would be able to appendix carry, but this holster is actually more comfortable for me at appendix than small of back. It is a hard molded holster but the super slim concealability is hard to beat. My gun feels protected and it stays put. It can tend to move the slightest bit along your waistline if you aren’t wearing a belt. All in all, I am super happy with my holster and would recommend it to anyone! As a bonus, my Kimber Micro fit in the Sig P238 (almost exaxcfly the same size) so I didn’t have to wait to have one special ordered! Thanks TWAW!!!!

  32. Andrea Williams

    I just received my custom Kydex “In the Waistband Holster” from TWAW for my Ruger LC9s with a Crimson Trace. I ordered it right after our holster show and WOW! was it ever worth the wait. The best part….my husband (veteran and ex-law enforcement) tried it on and loves it! He wants one for his gun too! (No problem – it’s as good as done!) We are both so impressed with the design and how well it hugs the body and conceals the handgun. I’ve always carried in my purse and finally found a holster with which I’m comfortable carrying on-body. Great job TWAW on totally hitting the mark – Alien Gear doesn’t have anything on this holster!!

  33. Amber

    I bought this holster in gun metal for my Colt Mustang. I ordered it in March knowing there was a 3-5 week wait. It arrived in May, just over 8 weeks after ordering it. When it finally did arrive, it was so loose that my firearm would slip right out and the holster had to be fixed with a hair dryer. Though I do understand that can happen with kydex, fixing a brand new holster wasn’t something I cared for.
    It does hold my gun very well now that the problem has been fixed. I like how low it sits in my jeans and how well it seems to conceal.
    I was all set to give this a 2 or 3 star rating because of the extra wait time and because I had to fix it myself. However, the holster seems to be working perfectly now. Not only that, but customer service was wonderful. She was always very polite and answered my emails and questions promptly, which was very much appreciated.
    I would recommend both the company & the holster. Just be aware that the wait might be extremely long.

  34. Utana

    I have had this holster for a year now and it is comfortable….I have trouble finding comfy things I am a big girl….but my only complaint is I can’t keep the clp tight it keeps swiveling(my mother-in-law and two sister-in-laws have the same holster same gun(S&W bodyguard W/laser) and they are having the same problem…any suggestions on how to fix it

  35. Jeannie

    Well I read the reviews and watched the videos, but when my new holster arrived I was quickly displeased. I guess it would work with a full size 9 mm, if I could post photos of what the LCP looks like in this holster (I would to show how the clip is not in a good position). I have tried 20 different ways to hold by now, and still cannot get my gun unholstered without cutting off part of my trigger finger. The clip is completely in the way of the draw. I cannot get a hold of the butt of the gun to successfully get the LCP out of the tight holster. The ulticlip is the worst, too sharp and again in the incorrect draw position.
    Plus side the holster came quickly. Another down side, wish I could post photos, mine I do not think is completely finished. One of the rivets is not properly complete and could fall out of the hole pretty easily.

  36. Sue

    I recieved my new holster in purple today. I just love it! Comfortable to wear and I feel very safe having my safty off with one in the chamber. No way for something to accidently touch that trigger! I did heat it and make it a little bigger as I was having a bit of trouble having a smoothe draw. Very easy to do yall. Directions on the site. So thank you Well Armed Woman for a very nice product and for being there for us women!

  37. Bambi

    Just receieved my holster for my Glock 42 with crimson trace. It was worth the wait. The weapon fits snugly in the holster, and, although I ordered the ulticlip, I find that the clip included on the holster works perfectly fine. This is the first time I truly feel comfortable with IWB holster carry, as the soft holsters just don’t hold the weapon securely. I’ll be ordering one soon for my XD!

  38. Marie

    I reviewed this holster not long after I first got it about two years ago. But I wanted to give an update. I’ve been carrying with it nearly daily for two years (9mm Shield). I’ve also taken several defensive pistol classes with it (included Massad Ayoob’s MAG-20 live fire portion, which is a two day class), and it’s come through with flying colors. I’m usually the only woman in the class, and the men are very interested in my holster, either for themselves or their wives. I can’t count how many people I’ve recommended this holster to. I even gave my spare to a friend when she got her Shield. I can’t stay enough good things about it!

  39. Steph Brown

    I’m extremely happy with my holster. I’m a small girl so hiding things is hard, this holster makes it easy. I’m so happy that I got this that I will be ordering another one in another color. I have a Glock 43 and the holster is amazing. I cant say enough good things about it. I didnt add the ulticlip and honestly the metal clip that comes with it is very secure and haven’t had an issue yet. Thank you for making a product to fit us small ladies too

  40. Sue

    Just got my new holster with the Ulti-clip! Could be more satisfied. The holster is great as it comes. Watched the demo on the Ulti-Clip and saw the reliability factor of staying put so I installed that one. LOVE it! Being a newer shooter, I like the confidence to know it is going to stay put if I ever have to draw! Glad I purchased this. Lightweight too. Being a full figured woman, I like that the holster feels very comfortable against my skin. Thanks so much for considering us female shooters and our special needs! I’ll be referring my friends to your site for the most thoughtful products for women!

  41. Sharon

    I purchased this holster in purple for my Sig 238 and love it! Initially the holster was so snug on my pistol that it was a struggle to draw. But after following instructions to adjust the fit with a blow dryer it draws perfectly. I am 5’3″ / 109 lbs and it conceals well and is very comfortable. Thank you TWAW!

  42. Amy

    All of my guy friends want one. Awesome holster. The extra clip is worth the $10.

  43. Eden

    This holster is perfect! As a 6 foot tall, left-handed female with a Glock 19, I wanted to find a holster that would be comfortable, conceal my handgun, and still allow me to be fashionable! The In the Waistband Holster fulfilled all of these requirements. I carry left appendix, and it doesn’t show at all. I did add the Ulti-Clip with my order, but have just been using the one that came with my order. As a previous reviewer said, the regular clip works just fine.

    And for those of you, like myself, may be worried about the color….I wanted plain black but did not want to wait longer so I ordered the Carbon. What a pleasant surprise! The pattern is very muted and I actually really like it.

    Before I started carrying, I was worried that I would have such trouble concealing a larger handgun. This holster made everything work much better. Now, when I go to the gun range, I always tell the men working to direct women to this group.

  44. Tia

    Love this holster! Fits great and I never have a problem with unholstering or reholstering.

    I do wish that TWAW would have ALL gun models in-stock in at least two colors, not just some gun models, because mine was not on their list of in-stock models, so it had to be special-ordered and it took a very long time to get it delivered. Too long! I understand logistics and space, but still, two colors of every model should be standard in-stock all the time for people who do not want to wait the 6-8 weeks timeframe.

  45. Erin

    I am very happy with my purchase of this holster! I am left handed, so the ambidextrous design really tended to my needs. I’ve had an incredibly difficult time finding a holster for my Glock 43 that is priced reasonably, left handed, and not too bulky for my frame. So this IWB holster was a lucky find for me! I did order the Ulti-clip with my purchase, but to be honest, the clip that comes on the holster is perfect! The only reason I would ever need to switch out the clip would be to attach the holster to super thin fabrics.
    TWAW really thought of everything to make this holster the best possible option on the market. And they deliver quickly – another plus for their customer service! Many thanks to TWAW!

  46. Charity

    After a small problem with my first holster, I was immediately sent a replacement. I absolutely love this holster. It is very comfortable and holds my firearm securely. The customer service I received was outstanding and I am purchasing another holster.

  47. Sarah

    Super comfortable! I was using a crossbreed holster for the longest time but it was just so much leather it wasn’t the most comfortable to sit with. I’ve always had trouble finding holsters that didn’t add unnecessary bulk but this holster is great. Two complaints though… I needed someone to hold the other end of the screw in order to unscrew the clip to change to the ulti clip, and second it sits pretty high (which is why it lost a star. You can only adjust so much and on the lowest screw the clip gets forced away from the holster). I like it to sit as low as possible because I live in New York where 99% of people can’t carry so I like to be as inconspicuous as possible. (Being a woman people assume I’m not law enforcement.)
    If you’re thinking of purchasing it really is a good holster, I definitely recommend.

  48. Deana

    Just received this holster in the carbon black for my Sig P238. Fit is tight…. so tight…. lets just say I would be dead several times over if I need to get this gun out of the holster to defend myself. I can not get the gun out unless I hold the holster, push down hard on both the waistband and the holster and then jerk as hard as I can. This has worked twice. My, very strong husband, can not even get it to work. So frustrated!!! It fits my waist nicely and is very comfortable to wear, I just can’t get my gun out of it! While trying to work with it the clip actually loosened on its own and I was able to remove it without any tools, still didn’t help the gun come out any easier. I believe a healthy, athletic, average sized woman of 125lbs, should be able to work this easily. I sent an email and I am hoping this can be fixed to work. Bummed right now.

  49. Lara

    Ordered this holster for my S&W M&P Shield that my hubby gave me for Christmas. I chose the black carbon fiber model. It arrived within a few days, and the quality is superb! This holster is very versatile and secure, no matter how I chose to wear it. My husband was really impressed, as were my friends (some who are in law enforcement as well). Really happy with the purchase and with this resourceful site! Thanks!

  50. Kailea

    This is my first concealed holster and I barely notice it’s there. It’s fits my gun perfectly!!

  51. Naylsw

    I just received my carbon black holster for my Glock 43 and I am in love. I did not get the additional clip but I am happy with the one that came with the holster. Gun fits perfectly and works on my waistbands without a belt. Super happy. Super fast shipping. The website and product are the best. Thanks for thinking about women! !!

  52. Jennifer

    Sadly this doesn’t work. The screw doesn’t holt tension. The holster ends up rolling forward and down into my pant leg while still attached to the clip. Completely useless. I tried the screw glue that was sent with my order and nothing holds together. A solid rivet would be better.

  53. R. Simmons

    I have to agree w/Donna Henry, it’s a great holster in and of itself. The problem is the clip, it won’t stay tight. The other day the whole thing wound up falling down into my pants. I’ve stopped carrying because, well, I think you get the idea. Perhaps if they change the clip. Maybe make it wider and put 2 screws at the top, making it impossible for it to swing down . I really do like the holster, it fits perfectly and really locks the gun in. Just not able to use it.

  54. Janell

    I love the concept of the holster and I have found it to work great as long as you don’t move around much. The clip on mine swivels too much causing the holster to twist and turn, and has even fallen down the leg of my pants. Not cool when you’re trying to conceal!! 🙂

  55. Sheila

    Purchased this holster for my Springfield Mod 2 and wish I had seen some of these reviews before my purchase. I also purchased the Utiliclip. Neither Clip will tighten up or stay in place. The firearm falls down inside my pants. Also, without a high backing it is impossible to register if you’re overweight without pinching yourself. Poor design.

  56. Sandy

    Ordered the TWAW holster for my new Taurus 709 slim on 11/24 and received it today – the 30th. I just changed over from the Kimber Ultra Carry in .45 because I wanted something smaller and lighter and 9mm ammo has come a long way in the last few years. I was impressed with the design and the positive comments from other, smaller women. Now I’m impressed with the holster. I’m wearing the gun in tight jeans, using the Ulticlip. I can easily draw and re-holster the gun, yet, it’s very secure in the holster. Just wearing a light T-shirt and it barely prints through. I love the black “carbon fiber” look too. My husband is also very impressed with the holster. This one won’t be joining the pile in the drawer. It’s the best ever. Thank you.

  57. Donna Henry

    I had borrowed this holster from a friend before I bought it, so I know what a terrific holster it is. Unfortunately, I had immediately switched the clip to the Ulti-Clip that I ordered with it, so I cannot honestly say how the clip was originally upon receipt, but the Ulti-Clip was all over the place and no one could tighten the cant adjustment. So, I put the original clip back on – still no good. I tried using the Vibra-Tite, and both my husband and my shooting instructor tried to tighten it, it is only slightly better. It is still too loose and does not stay in place, so unfortunately the holster sits in my drawer with other holsters that I am unable to use.
    Having said that, I will still go on record saying… it is the best holster I have seen! When I am able I will probably purchase it again and take my chances that I either somehow stripped the screw while trying to tighten it, or I was just unlucky and got the one fluke lemon.

  58. Diane

    I ordered this holster for my Kahr CW-9 to wear with pants with no belt. I wore it all day and didn’t even realize it was there. I added the ulticlip and can easily draw mt firearm with no problem. This is a truly awesome holster, just what I needed. I made my husband try it. He liked it so much he made me order him one for his Colt 1911.

  59. Daryle

    I received my holster on 10/16/2015. I intend on giving it a fair amount of use before I praise this holster, but as of right now, I think it is a great holster. The only complaint I have is that I believe that the clip should have a 90 degree bend to hold onto a belt better. It has about a 45 degree bend. I’ve been using a Triple K leather holster for my Ruger SP101 for many years and I think I’ll be using this new IWB holster from TWAW until I quit carrying a firearm. It appears to be that good in my estimation. I like the firm retention it has on the firearm, so I do not want to loosen that to keep the holster clip from slipping off my belt. I will make an adjustment to the clip or swap it out for a different one if I have to.

  60. Amanda

    GREAT holster! I bought one for my Ruger lcp and my s&w 9mm shield. I want to get one for my sr9c. I carry small of the back and these holsters help you gun practically dissappear.

  61. Angelica

    Finally got my new holster for my Taurus PT709 slim!! I love the holster, but I’m very disappointed with TWAW. This color was on back order, so I was told 4-5 weeks to receive it. Come 6 weeks I email them asking how much longer it should be. I was promised it would be mailed out in a week and a half. I emailed back saying I was disappointed with how long it was taking, especially after plenty of recommendations to them, and I’d have to reconsider future orders that I had already planned on making. My follow up email was ignored. They did ship it out 2 days sooner than they had told me. But with receiving the holster today, it’s been 7 1/2 weeks since I ordered it. Waiting 4/5 weeks was already quite a long time, but having to wait almost double is just ridiculous.

  62. jennifer

    If you are ordering a holster that is not in the two in-stock colors, the wait will be about two months. I ordered a black holster on 8/16/15 and haven’t recieved it as of 10/14/15. It is supposed to get here this week. Just want you to know that the wait time is significantly more than 4-5 weeks. When I ordered, they said the wait would be 3-4 weeks, not 8 weeks. Ridiculous!

  63. Allison

    Awesome! I love the TWAW holster. I ordered a purple one for my rugar SR40c and love it. I love the fit of my gun in the holster. I love the fit of the holster on my hip. I decided on a cross draw, but love that I can change it up if I need to. I also have 7 children at home (one moved out) and lots of little hands hug and love on me, I love knowing they can squirm and touch me and my gun is safe. So I’m able to protect them with out compromising my own or my children’s safety; or their access to me.

    I’m also a fluffy gal and this holster does not hinder my clothing choices in the least.

    So as a mom of many and a fluffy gal, I am so very thankful for The Well Armed Woman for making this available to us ladies! I plan on buying some for my friends as well as my husband (sshhh! with the color choices he will never know) and I’ll have peace of mind knowing he has a good fitted holster.

  64. Ellen

    I ordered the In The Waistband Holster for my Ruger LCR. Came in quickly even though the LCR is not one of the choices in the drop down menu of in-stock holsters. Wore it while I was outside working (shorts, no belt) – comfortable & gun was secure!!! Love it!!!

  65. Audrey

    Bought the Old Glory version for my Ruger LC9 with CT laser. While a perfect fit for the Ruger, the holster was impossible to wear. Even adjusting the clip to its lowest position (for maximum access to the pistol), one cannot get a secure grip to draw. Also could not adjust the cant because of the shape of the holster (molded to accommodate the laser). I sent Ashley a picture to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong. She reassured me that I wasn’t 🙂 but did mention (to quote) that “TWAW is working on redesigning the holster with lasers to correct this issue, as others have returned it for this reason as well, and hopefully will have it launched very shortly”. I have no doubt that TWAW will come up with a solution and I have loved the other holsters I have purchased. I unfortunately cannot give this holster a 5 star rating but want to make it clear that the fit was excellent even though the holster design is flawed in other ways.

  66. Gina

    Like many of the women here I had a bag of holsters that just did not work for me! I was becoming so frustrated with only being able to carry in a purse. I purchased the black carbon fiber holsters for my S&W Bodyguard and my Ruger LC9 and they arrived in four days. Absolutely love these holsters! No issues with carrying on lighter weight pants without a belt. And there is no added bulk. Both guns fit securely and draw smoothly. Thank you!!

  67. Susan

    I haven’t used this holster with a belt much but the times I have used a belt it has worked better. The screw on the belt clip is difficult to tighten hard enough to keep the holster from rotating with multiple draws during practice sessions. It might be an improvement to this holster if the belt clip was a bit wider and there was a different kind of locking hardware to prevent the angle of the holster from slipping with repeated drawing practice. Other than that the quality of this holster and value is excellent!

  68. Anonymous

    I ordered the Kydex IWB Retention holster in black carbon fiber for my Smith & Wesson Shield in the 40 cal, I used to carry a natural leather Galco holster and would always switch back to it after buying a new holster to try. Since receiving my holster from TWAW I haven’t even picked up my Galco. I love this holster!! I love the adjustable cant and have even been trying appendix carry. Thank you for your amazing product. Bc of the belt clip placement the bulk of my gun has been reduced by half and allows me to carry appendix when my husband and I are out on the motorcycle. I never leave my gun at home, I might forget my phone but I am Always a Well Armed Woman. Many thanks to all of you for taking womens clothes into consideration!!! I live in Indiana so I have the option of open carry but I prefer the stealthier Concealed Carry and this has reduced my printing by at least 80%, very very much appreciated. One of the best investments next to my Shield

  69. Teresa in Ohio

    I ordered a holster for my M&P Bodyguard 380 and like it so much I decided to order one for my other gun. I placed an order for my Tanfoglio Witness Pavona 9mm (great gun especially made for women). I received an email stating since it wasn’t a common gun, it would take 4-5 weeks, which I knew when I placed the order. I then received a second email that said the didn’t have the mold and couldn’t make my holster. After several emails back and forth and a little persuasion (”begging”) on my part, Carrie came back and said it could be done. I received my Faded Glory holster yesterday. It fits like a glove and is everything I thought it’d be! The personalized service and the “can-do” attitude has made me loyal customer. I see a range bag purchase in my near future.

  70. Kimberly

    I have this holster and have tried and tried all different positions and it is NOT comfortable. It digs into my skin. I am not small and not large but I do have a thicker middle section. I am constantly moving it trying to find a good position….

  71. Mandi

    The holster fits my gun great but I have been completely unable to adjust the clip. I can’t get it to unscrew even after heating the holster. Any help would be greatly appreciated as the holster is not wearable until I can change the height of the clip.

  72. Linda

    Question…Can you wear this holster outside your pants or is it only for the inside of pants? Thank you for the answer!

  73. R. Cooper

    I also like my holster, but has anyone else cut their finger on the clip, or am I just clumsy?

  74. Anna

    I got my holster for christmas. I love the fit of it. It is very comfortable. The only thing I dont like so far is that the metal clip’s edges are very sharp. I accidentally knocked my knuckle against it while trying on clothes at a department store, and it took the first layer of skin off my knuckle. That is one easy thing you could do to improve the quality of this holster, just polish the edges. Other wise a great product.

  75. Randy

    I bought this holster for my G43. The holster itself is great. One of the best designs and workmanship I’ve seen in a kydex holster. However, I am disappointed in the quality of the belt clip. It is very flimsy and will not reliably keep the holster from drawing with the pistol. Fortunately, I have a clip from a worn out leather holster that I am going to swap.

    Great holster, just needs a sturdier belt clip.

  76. Crystal

    Love Love my holster! Ordered the TWAW Black Carbon fir Glock 26. Was in my hands within four days and was ready to use right away. I wore it in different positions for a few days and liked most of them. The best for me is cross draw. Ultra slim, and no imprinting. I really like how I can move it to work with my clothes for the day. Thank You TWAW! Really Great Holster!

  77. Ashley

    I’ve bought 3 holsters from you guys this the belly band and an ankle holster which I use now as my 2nd Carry with my sig p238 now I have this with a xds45 I’m 5’4 120lbs and left handed I was worried about printing but no one notices I’m thrilled I didn’t have to do anything with this when I got it put my gun in put it one and off we went I wear it at 7 even driving it’s not even a bother even with my back problems I’m so thrilled about this I tell all my friends you guys are fantastic!!!

  78. Jennifer

    Total disappointment! I purchased the IWB Holster in Mocha, for my P238. After my purchase, I received a confirmation email confirming an order for a Ruger LC9 w/Lasermax in black carbon fiber. However, I was able to send an email and got a timely response, clarifying the correct order had been received. In the confirmation email, I was advised of a 3-4 week time frame to receive my IWB Holster. My order was placed on March 6, 2014 and delivered (today) April 15 (5 Weeks and 5 days). I had not received any type of notification of a delay, so I contacted WAW directly and was given an estimated arrival time (which I got 2 days sooner), YAY!
    On to the IWB Holster…Color is exactly what I expected and the fit is snug and accurate. The clip however, is not tight at all!! I tried it with my business slacks, as well as blue jeans. The firearm & holster came off my pants (no belt) with every swift pull.

  79. Marianne

    Love, love, love this holster! Initially I ordered the black carbon fiber for my Glock 42 and it fits and works SO well that I ordered 2 more (for my Ruger SRc and Sig P938)! Hubby liked mine so much he order ones for his Glock 17 and Ruger. We love how the case covers so much of the gun that sweat is never a problem. So comfortable too!

  80. Grace

    Beware of design for lasers…
    I love this holster so when I got a laser for my weapon I thought what better than getting the same holster I already love. Unfortunately the clip design is very poor for the laser style. The clip comes up over the grip. This does not allow for your hand to close over the weapon when drawing. Not a safe draw at all. It doesn’t matter how low or high the clip is placed. It comes over the grips regardless. I will say that I do absolutely love this holster for weapons without lasers. Unfortunately the design for the lasers is very poor and there are no pics to be able to see it ahead of time. Just wanted to give others a heads up

  81. Meryl

    LOVE IT!!! By far, the best holster I’ve ever use. I got it in the Lemon (neon would be more accurate) Yellow because the color I wanted was back-ordered in the Glock 19. Great color though. SUPER bright. I will definitely order another in the Black Carbon when it is back in stock. Thanks, TWAW!!!

  82. Chris

    I love my ITW holster. I am so glad to get it out of my cc purse, and keep it close. I tried it with my scrubs with a Glock 9mm, but it a little heavy for them. I am ordering a belly band for scrubs. I am so comfortable with the ITW holster with jeans and slacks. I even wear it around the house and never feel uncomfortable. Thanks WAW!

  83. Jade

    I have been wearing this for three months and love it! I have a XDs and right out of the package the fit of the kydex was perfect, no adjusting needed. I am left handed and wear it most commonly at the 7:00 o’clock position, sometimes 9:00 if I am wearing a jacket or going for a long car ride. The holster stays in place throughout the day, no matter what. I am so glad I was able to find a holster that makes it easy for me to conceal, being 5’5″ and 110lbs and carrying a larger gun, it can be hard, but this is great! I can confidently conceal in jeans and a non fitted t-shirt. I recommend WAW holsters to everyone!

  84. April

    This is a solidly made Kydex holster. It fits my gun very well, and draw is easy. But there are 2 drawbacks in my days of wear: Even though you can wear this holster with slacks, it is rather clumsy with a decent weapon (I carry a Glock 26) and I find myself removing my weapon to use public restrooms so it doesn’t slide off and go crashing to the floor. 2. It really needs some comfort features for the edge of the holster and the screws on the clips. I don’t wear it as much as I’d like because it becomes painful in a sitting position and leaves marks on my skin.

  85. Nita

    I bought this holster for my Sig P938. I love the way the holster fits the gun and the slim effect wearing it for appendix carry.

    There are two things I do not like. The first is how hard it is to get the belt clip to stay at the angle I want. Blue Loctite helped, but the clip still swivels some when I draw. The second is the length of the belt clip. Even with it set so the gun rides as high as possible, my belt or waistband still covers about half of the grip, making it difficult to get a good grip when I draw. For a larger/longer gun that might not be a problem.

  86. Laura

    I am new to carrying concealed and wasn’t able to find a holster that fit me and didn’t print with my clothes. I don’t always wear baggy shirts, so I was on the lookout for a holster that I could wear with a slightly fitted sweater. I am happy to say I found it.

    I have a Glock 26 and I prefer to carry appendix. This holster fits snugly inside of my jeans waistband and the gun does not print even with a ribbed sweater. It’s awesome.

    I practiced drawing out of it and the holster stays in place. This holster is everything I want in a holster, though I do with dark green like hunter green was available.

  87. Lisa H

    I love this holster. I have proven what a great holster it is to several guys I know and they are using this holster as well. Good for you Well Armed Women for creating such a perfect holster.

  88. Janet

    I ordered this for my Sig p238. I was one of the ones that was “Collecting Holsters” trying to find the “Right” one. Well I found it!! It Fits perfectly Love It!!
    When i first put the order in i wanted it in Mocha but realized that would take longer to get it…Totally my fault should have read it better. But Ms. Ashley changed it to the Black carbon one instead. Thank you Ms. Ashley for helping me and doing an Outstanding job!!!
    Thank you Well Armed Women for designing holsters just for Women!!!

  89. Adam

    Bought this for my wife’s Kahr cw380. Great holster only complaint is that the clip’s edge’s were very sharp. A quick pass with the die grinder took care of that.

  90. Amy

    This is the only holster that I found that fits me perfectly. I have the one for my Glock 380. I wear it to work everyday and no one can notice a thing. I wish there was one for my SW M&P 9C as well. I have tried several holsters to find the perfect fit. This one is it! Thanks so much!

  91. Gayle

    I asked for this holster for my birthday. I’m left handed and it’s hard to find a nice holster for my firearm. I carry a s&w m&p shield 9mm. I absolutely love this holster. You can’t even tell I’m carrying. It’s fully adjustable (left/right handed, cant etc.). Love love love!!! Thank you for making such an awesome holster!! I recently ordered one for my husband for Christmas. He’s a thin guy and I think this will be perfect for him. Thanks again and I’ll be ordering more soon!!

  92. Lisa Donato

    Just purchased for my Nano. It is so comfortable, I forgot it was on. Really like the fact I can comfortably carry on my body instead of in a purse. The fact that the clip is adjustable makes it the perfect holster for me. Great product. Need to get for my other carry options. Hopefullu, Santa is paying attention?

  93. Leanna

    At first, I was upset that my gun didn’t fit right (too tight). Because of course I was too excited to get it and try it that I didn’t read the directions. So once I read the troubleshooting, heated it and put it in with a bag over it as suggested, it’s p-e-r-f-e-c-t. I love it.

  94. Shawna

    I want to start off saying that I NEVER and I mean NEVER write reviews. That being said, I couldn’t wait to tell everyone how much I love this holster. As with every other holster I’ve tried, I had high hopes but have always been disappointed until this one. I will never order another brand holster. Within 30 minutes of using this holster I had already told 3 of my friends about it. I am a small framed woman and I can’t believe that I can wear “normal” fitting clothes and my gun does not imprint at all. No more carrying various bags or wearing baggy clothes to hide my gun. I kept buying smaller guns in hope that I would find one that I could actually carry. I am carrying an M&P Bodyguard 380 presently but am sure that with this holster I could carry my LC9 just as easily. The gun fits perfectly in the holster and can be easily drawn without the holster coming with it. Thank you so much for designing a product that truly works.

  95. David

    My Kimber Micro 380 is not on WAW’s stock nor custom list, but dimensions are very close to Sig P238, so I ordered the that one. They made personal contact about the sizing question, and advised returnability if I wanted. The fit was slightly loose with Micro’s CT grip laser pushing one edge out too far. So with a heat gun per WAW’s instructions, I spot heated a few places and molded the holster precisely to the gun. Perfect fit – snug but easy to draw – no rattle. Contrasted with Micro’s Rosewood grip the black carbon fiber material is so handsome (can I use that word on this site?), I hate to conceal it. Belt clip on left hand side customizes the cant perfectly for my right hand SOB draw. Also adjustable to cross-body or any other draw. This is now my favorite holster for this gun. Thanks WAW. I will recommend your site and you may get more guy visits.

  96. Stephany

    I bought this for my full size smith & wesson 9mm. Love it. It conceals the best for that size gun. I am ordering another one for my 1911 (full size).

    When I wear clothes I can reasonably conceal with a full size gun these holsters help. When I can’t wear them I have my conceal gun. Or I can wear the conceal as a backup option. (Which is more likely) 🙂 love the holster regardless. The flash bang is also awesome.

  97. Lindsey

    I was hesitant at first to purchase another holster as I just have not had any luck with the ones I previously bought. Let me say, I am SO glad I gave this one a chance! I finally found a holster I am confident in and that is comfortable. I bought the holster for my everyday carry (Ruger LCP). It is so thin and the gun clicks into place. You can turn the holster upside down and the gun will not fall out, that’s how well formed they are! My husband was so impressed that we will be buying him one for his everyday carry too!

  98. Janet

    I ordered this in Black for my Sig P238 and have got to say… I Love it!!
    I was like one of the other posts said…. Collecting different holsters trying
    to find the right one that worked for me.
    Want to give a Special Thank you to Ms Ashley for all of the help she gave me!
    Any way TWAW I want to say Thank you designing this holster!!!

  99. Denise

    Just got my Old Glory, and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Such a good custom fit, and the design is fantastic. Don’t hesitate buy it while you can.

  100. Debbie

    Earlier this year I ordered this holster for my Sig P238(in red). I was so pleased with the design and how well it fits my Sig and how it disappears when I put it on, that I ordered another recently for my Sig P938.
    I originally ordered it in mocha, and several days after I changed my mind and wanted it in black carbon fiber. Ashley responded immediately, and changed the color and said it would be sent out either that day(Friday) or on Monday. Much to my surprise, I received it today(Monday); just 3 days after it was sent. This too, fits perfectly. No adjustment needed. The black carbon fiber color makes it look so rich. A special thank you to Ashley and to everyone at TWAW, thank you for a great product. Y’all rock!!!

  101. ADF

    My wife wanted to try this holster, which arrived today.
    As a Police Firearms Instructor, I use and test a variety of gear. The sweat guard was ridiculously high on both sides, making a proper firing grip rather difficult for my wife. The retention is horrible, even after following the instructions for adjusting tension that come in the bag. My wife was extremely disappointed with this holster. She was led to believe it would make concealment much easier, since it’s designed for females. This holster is simply a cheap gimmick. I hope the designer and manufacturer take this review under advisement and find the motivation to produce a quality holster like Raven Concealment Systems or X-Concealment. I’m not even bothering with returning it. Not worth the hassle. Threw it in the trash and now trying to forget the $54.00 I’ve wasted. Ordering my wife an X-Concealment holster shortly.

  102. Kris

    This holster is awesome! I bought one shortly after they became available and have loved it from day one. I was the collector of holsters, always searching for the perfect one, but I have finally found it! It is constructed very well and has the best design on the market, with the hardware set up so it does not rub on your firearm and also takes up as little space as possible. I’m so glad I found this holster and now I can finally stop collecting holsters 🙂

  103. Kris

    This holster is awesome! This is my go to holster whenever I concealed carry. I love the black carbon fiber, has a very nice look and feel. The screws and hook are located in a spot that does not rub on your firearm and also positioned on a spot that ensures this holster is as minimal as possible. This design is well thought-out and works very well. I have a bag full of holsters but after using this one I have stopped the endless search for the perfect holster.

  104. Gillian

    I ordered this holster for my Sig P238 in black carbon, because I didn’t want the purple to clash with my purple gun. Ordered on Sunday, got it on Wednesday! Super fast! My little Sig fits perfectly, and it feels really comfortable to wear. So far I am really pleased. I love how adjustable it is, and how light and yet tough it is as well. My first purchase from TWAW, but I’m sure it won’t be the last! Thank you!

  105. Denise

    I just got my custom made holster today for my Sig Sauer P238 with CT Laser, and let me tell you this is a great holster. I have 4 different holsters for my Sig and this is by far better than my handmade custom leather one. It just fits well, you know the gun is secure, and it isn’t going anywhere until you draw your gun. I will have to get some practice time in since it is snug, but that is what you want. Don’t hesitate to order NOW, and its on sale for 3 days I think the emails said.

  106. Bobbie

    I ordered this holster for my Glock 42 in purple. I received it within a few days and I love it!! The holster fit my gun perfectly, so I didn’t have to do any altering to the holster. It fits comfortably on the waistband of my jeans and in my conceal and carry purse as well. I love it so much that I ordered one for my husband immediately!! Great product!! I love how the gun basically snaps in the holster and feels secure at all times.

  107. Daniel

    My Girl friend found this “women only” websites for females that are interested in firearms and prefer to shop in a less male dominated market. She ordered the holster for her KAHR P380, awesome gun btw, and received it shortly after. She showed me it once it came in and I was completely blown away by the design, material, fit, quality, etc. of the holster! I’m glad to see that there are outlets such as this one where women that are interested in firearms can collaborate and purchase firearm related products without having to be surrounded by the male dominated firearm culture. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! 🙂
    As a man and as a veteran I have no problem looking into this resource to purchase my new holster. I’m ordering a IWB holster from TWAW in black carbon and can’t wait for it to come in! I believe this design of holster is the best on the market for everyday conceal carry.

  108. Claudia

    This holster was not an A on my list. The clip did not nothing but turn every which way it could. You never knew where your firearm was! It made no matter if you were wearing slacks,jeans, a skirt,etc. This was left me very disconcerting and somewhat frightened! The holster itself definitely holds the gun in place, it’s just a problem with the clip on it. The holster needs a little tweaking,in my opinion.

  109. Claudia

    This is a very sleek holster that hides very well inside your pants,skirt,dress,etc, BUT the clip that you have to use to hook onto your clothing does nothing but move around and around! You never know where your firearm might be from one second to the next! This is very disconcerting and somewhat frightening. The gun DOES stay IN place in the holster itself,which is the ONLY good asset I see in this holster. Yet, I have a S&W Shield MP,which is heavy and therefore may be a disadvantage.

  110. Marianne

    I ordered my new IWB holster on-line on a Monday morning and had it in hand the following Thursday. SUPER! The IWB holster is exactly what I was hoping for. I carry a Glock 23 and have been using a Cross Breed Super Tuck which has been adequate but the new IWB holster from TWAW is far superior…hands down. ItÂ’s compact, sleek, adjustable and takes up very little space on my waistband. IÂ’ve not taken it off since receiving it, other than for going to bed, showering and cleaning my gun, and I find it very comfortable. I almost forget itÂ’s there. The holster, with its strong clip, remains secure using a belt or simply clipped to the waistband of my jeans or denim shorts. The holster stays in place at my waist and my Glock remains secure in the holster. And I’ve given it a good workout; gardening, washing vehicles, doing housework, as well as going out to run errands, shopping and to appointments. It’s a great holster and I highly recommend it.

  111. Sondra

    Got this holster for my Bersa BP9cc. I have to say I was very hesitant to purchase this holster, but I figured I already had a drawer full so what was another one added. To my surprise this is my go to holster, I love this holster it is very comfortable I forget I have it on sometimes. Job well done TWAW. I will be purchasing this holster for all my guns. If you are second guessing about purchasing this holster, don’t you will not be disappointed. This one will NOT see the inside of the drawer!

  112. Linda

    Love it! Much more comfortable than I expected! I’ve been wearing it for the last few days and am thrilled!

  113. Libda

    Great holster. I didn’t really think it was going to be comfortable so it took me a while to try it. I’ve worn it for the few days with my jeans and it’s great! Will buy different colors!

  114. Vickie

    Absolutely love it!! I was using another brand of IWB holster and while travelling the holster shifted without my knowledge & when I stepped out of the car, the pistol came out of the holster and landed on the pavement. Luckily, it did not discharge! That is when I started searching for the perfect one found found this model! My Ruger LC9 stays in place, no matter what I am doing. A very secure fit, but comes out easily if I need to use it. I highly recommed this holster! I also love the selection of colors – I chose purple, of course!!!

  115. Gwen

    Love it. Comfortable enough to nearly forget it is on. Ordering a one for my husband.

  116. Colleen

    Just got my IWB Holster in for my Sig Sauer P238 with Sig Laser. I recommend the holster for any ladies out there looking for a holster for the Sig Sauer handgun. Very light weight, does not dig into you hips, comfortable, you almost forget that you have the holster on. When you holster you gun it keeps the Laser light off and turns it on when you draw your gun. This is a great feature!

  117. Colleen

    Just received my IWB holster for my Sig Sauer P238 with Sig Laser and love it. Leaves laser in off position when in holster and turns laser on when pulling gun out. This is great!!!! It is so great having a holster that does not dig into the hips finally. This is also the only place that I was able to find a holster that fits for my Sig Sauer P238 with Sig Laser. I recommend this holster for all ladies.

  118. Mollie

    This thank you note is long over due! Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my in the waistband holster! I resisted carrying in the waistband with a holster for along time. I bought myself a very expensive gun purse, but rarely carry it now because my holster is so much better! I feel much more confident having it on me rather than having to unzip a purse to get to my pistol. It is comfortable and always stays securely in place! Thanks again for a great product! Wish I’d known about this before I spent all that money on my ” useless” gun purse! LOL!

  119. Chris

    Chris, this is common with Kydex holsters and there is a simple fix. The full instructions are on the product page, but try this: Too tight: wrap your gun in a plastic bag to add just a bit of size to your gun. Heat the holster with a blow dryer to soften and put it on your wrapped gun and let cool.

    Need advise please! I just purchased mine for my Berettta Nano. It is so extremely tight fitting, I have to struggle and yank to remove the gun from the holster. It is so tight that my hands actually hurt from trying to remove my gun. Any advise? Other than that, I think i’ll like it, sits nice and low after I adjusted it.

  120. Chris

    Please help with advise!! I just purchased this and I can not believe how hard it is to remove the gun from the holster. It is nearly impossible. I have to grab with 2 hands and yank and struggle for it to come out. My hands re red and hurt from trying. I know the review says to heat it with a hair dryer and reform but I can not imagine that will to the trick it is EXTREMELY difficult. Any advise? Or I guess I’ll have to return it. Thank you.

  121. Carrin

    LOVE it! I just got mine and tried it out immediately. I have a Sig P238, and I love that it covers most of the gun. The clip works great and I was able to pull from the holster very easily without a belt on. Thanks!!

  122. Debbie

    Just got the IWB for my Sig. It’s perfect, and I didn’t have to adjust the clip.
    This is definitely my new “go to” holster. The box of holster’s I’ve accumulated, is going in the closet. Thanks Carrie and everyone!

  123. Lisa Welsh

    I carry the Sig P238, I carry left handed and I’m having a problem with the magazine ejecting while I wear it. It seems like the clip is right on the magazine ejection button,
    I have to constantly be aware to check to see if it ejected, too much worry for me.

  124. Brigette Hayes

    At first, I loved it. It’s for a Ruger LC9. I needed help to unscrew the bar and get the right height. I find wearing it comfortable. I would like to wear it in front, but it prints with everything I have. I wear it close to 4 oclock. It makes it way to 6 oclock as I wear it, especially if I sit for a long time. It’s happening everytime I wear it now. I’m a little thinner than when I bought it and I’m having trouble getting it to stay in place like it used to. I’ve used a belt to tighten it up, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Any ideas on how to get it to stay?

  125. Kayla Draughn

    I just received this ITW holster today and LOVE it! It’s so comfortable and very concealable for my M&P shield.

  126. Carla

    I bought a black carbon fiber holster for my Glock 26 and my husband’s Glock 19. We are both very happy with our holsters! I wear mine on the small of my back and my hubby wears his on his hip, all in all it is a very comfortable, light weight, well fitting holster, I wouldn’t think twice about recommending it to others, and I have!

  127. Sara

    I really love this holster. I carry a compact 1911 and I’m a plus size woman. With the cant adjusted I can conceal it perfectly and most important, comfortably. The only issue I’ve had with this holster is the belt clip has rubbed on the frame and scratched off the cerecoating next to the grip. I wrapped some para cord around it so we’ll see if that holds. Other then that I love it.

  128. Evelyn

    I use this holster for LCR, Beretta Nano, Sig P238 and now Sig P938. Using the thread for the screw and they are unlimited with versatlity of these holsters are outstanding! Any cant and any clothing your gun in this holster is secure! I also prefer the appendix carry but also use the compression shorts in summer. Well done to TWAW! Haven’t found ANY holster that works any better. Buy one for your men as well as I did.

  129. Candace

    Got 2 of these holsters, one for my Ruger 38 LCR and that’s great. The other is for my Ruger GP141 (Ruger GP100). These are great holsters, comfortable to wear, hold the gun securely, etc. BIG problem I’m having is that the heavy revolver is too heavy for the holster to hold at a cant. No matter how hard I tighten the screw (and I’ve got the tools for doing this!), the weight of the holster (presume that’s the problem) rotates it round to a straight up and down position. and that is (1) uncomfortable when sitting and (2) makes for a difficult draw. I’m a technically obese woman, and canted, appendix carry is both comfortable and allows a good draw.

  130. Allie

    This holster is great to have in your inventory, but even with tightening the screw that holds the clip (multiple times), the weight of my sub-compact still caused the holster to droop when I was carrying it on the back of my waist. The overall product is very quality made and I am glad I purchased it, but I find that I really have to cinch down my belt and wear pants with a rather snug waist to confidently carry with this holster. Perhaps appendix carry would work better, but I’m unable to conceal in that position as it sticks out quite badly on my frame. Also, take note of the tips on how to draw from this holster. It holds the gun very securely and does take a bit of practice to not pull the holster off your belt when drawing.

    Note: The holster comes with (should come with) a product to lock the clip position down once you find the right cant. There also is directions to “loosen or tighten” the fit of a kydex holster. It’s easy and solves the holster coming off with the draw. Instructions are on the product page. Carrie

  131. Marie

    I LOVE this holster. Being a plus-sized woman, I never thought I would be able to do IWB. I wear it appendix. My jeans have a little coin pocket, which hides the clip nicely. I did need to wear a belt with it (Flashbang patent leather dress belt), as the holstered pistol was coming off my waist when I attempted to draw. I have a Bersa Thunder .380, which isn’t as small as a Ruger LCP, for instance, but it conceals very well. While waiting for my carry permit to be issued, I’m getting used to it around the house. This holster is so comfortable and doesn’t dig into my stomach when sitting. As I acquire more pistols, I will get one for each carry pistol I have.

  132. Michelle

    I really like this holster! I got it for the LCP and its very easy to carry at the five o’clock as well as appendix (but I prefer the former). Its nice because its quick and easy to put on unlike other IWB that have two clips. Definitely a good option to have!

  133. Leslie

    Just received my holster for my Walther PK 380 – had it made in black carbon fiber. If you’re on the fence about getting this holster – don’t hesitate it was definitely worth the wait.

  134. Pam

    I ordered 2 of your newest in the waistband holsters, one for my LCP Ruger and one for my S&W Shield 9mm. You were right – love, love, love it! Works great on my dress clothes (skirts and non belted pants) as well as my jeans. Exactly what I was looking for! No belt required! Yay! The hard case doesn’t look comfortable but it is! Hardly notice my LCP is there. Good work!

  135. Lin Hale

    I loved pink before pink was cool. So, of course I chose pink when I ordered this holster for my Sig P238. I have worn it all day for two days now and am truly impressed! It’s soooo comfortable I actually forget it’s there! I have never had a holster truly feel like a natural part of me until this! I highly recommend this holster! It’s versatile, comfortable, and has great retention on your firearm.

    I did have it use a hair dryer to soften the Kydex a bit as it was a bit too snug on my gun at first but within a few minutes it was perfect! Go on! Try it! You’ll be glad you did!

  136. Sandy

    Have had this new IWB a little over a month and this has quickly become my favorite holster! Left-handed, reverse appendix carry; was able to change the clip easily and am very pleased with how easy it is to adjust in the waistband and that there is NO printing. Fits my Glock 26 like a glove and simply disappears in the nude color. This one’s a WINNER!

  137. Sharon

    After waiting several weeks for mine to arrive I am sad to say I’m disappointed. I cannot draw without the holster coming with it. I understand the need for a snug fit but this is not working at all. Guess I will be returning it.

  138. Jackie

    Just got mine today for my LC9 with Crimson Trace Laser. Thank you so much for making this holster that not only is a good fit for my weapon, but is perfectly comfortable, light and
    easy to wear. Very happy, recommend it highly!

  139. Gail

    I have a CZ P-07 Duty 9mm and it is not easy to find holsters for it, so I was limited in my choices. I was so glad when I found this one that would accommodate it. I like how well it fits my pistol and is comfortable in my waistband. However, I cross draw so I carry on the left hip, and I can’t keep the holster from pivoting forward on the clip and out of position with my movements. The problem is not the tightness of the screw, it’s with the metal sleeve that fits into the composite material which the screw tightens into. I find that no matter how tight I have the screw (and I’ve used up the tube of “lock tight” material provided with it), the metal sleeve, which is smooth, pivots in the holster material. I think if it had splines, or was not a round shape on the outside,so as to grip the composite material, this would not happen. This is my first IWB holster so I have nothing else to compare it to, but this is why I didn’t give it the highest rating.

  140. Terri

    I got mine as a Christmas present for my Beretta Nano. I have been wearing it all day, I forgot I was even wearing it. I don’t think any of my dinner guests knew I was carrying. I finally have the perfect holster for daily carry!

  141. Tammy

    I’ve been wearing the holster for a week, now, and I LOVE it. I carry a Ruger LCP 380, and honestly this holster is so comfortable, I pat myself down several times a day, thinking it’s fallen off, or something. Just going about my daily business, I literally forget it’s there. And it’s not going to fall off, the clip is so strong, and stays put. Can be worn with a belt, but it’s not at all necessary. Great holster!

  142. Kori

    I love my IWB holster for my Glock 26. I have had it for a few weeks now and I am so happy with it. It is very comfortable and because of it’s slim profile it is VERY easy to conceal with no printing. I carry at about 5 o’clock and it sits perfectly back there (even comfortable while driving).

    Above all else the level of customer service I have received from The Well Armed Woman is amazing. I had to return my first holster because of a fit issue. TWAW went above and beyond what can be expected to make the return and new holster shipment fast and easy. Highly recommend both the holster and this company to anyone.

  143. Jackie

    This holster is very comfortable…esp for appendix carry, which is my preferred method. It is very slim in profile and can be worn with snugger jeans or clothes. and because it rides nice and low, there’s no printing or protruding of your weapon…I love this holster!

  144. Dianna

    I appendix carry a Kimber Pro Carry 45 and this is by far the most comfortable holster I have found. I drive with it sometimes (prefer my car holster though) and even then it is extremely comfortable when positioned correctly.

  145. Kelley

    I have the S&W Body guard with laser. Every-time I holster the gun the laser comes on, so I figured out that I have to turn the laser on before putting the gun in the holster, its shuts off when its being entered into the holster at that point. Also, I do a lot of bending during the day, so I find myself adjusting the holster quite a bit because of that. I want to be able to CC but find its just not that comfortable for me. I’ve tried a variety of holsters too. 🙁

  146. Wendy

    I just received my IWB holster for my Sig 239 .9mm and I love it! Thank you for giving me my first IWB holster I can actually wear with comfort and confidence. I have two other IWB holsters from other companies that are just too bulky. I was about ready to give up on IWB carry and consider carrying a smaller gun but really did not want to compromise. I can comfortably wear this holster with my low waist line jeans. I have practiced presenting to the ready several times from the 4-5 o’clock position and feel so much more comfortable/prepared than when I purse carry. I have my infant daughter on my hip most of the time so I feel IWB is better in the unlikely event I have to draw and shoot with my right hand/unsupported. So happy!

  147. Wendy

    I received my new IWB for my Sig 239 .9mm and I love it!!! Thank you for giving me my first IWB holster I can actually wear with comfort and confidence. I was considering carrying a smaller gun but really didn’t want to compromise. I carry at the 4-5 o’clock position and can wear with my low waistline/skinny jeans. I have practiced presenting to the ready several times and feel so much more confident/prepared than I do when I purse carry, especially if I would have to shoot unsupported. I have my infant daughter on my hip most of the time so purse carry just isn’t ideal. P.S. My husband may get one for his 239 for summer carry.

  148. Sharon

    For S&W M&P 9compact. I have been using the “Little FoxX” hybrid holster from Foxx Holsters, but it’s bulky due to the configuration of the clip on the kydex. I ordered the TWAW holster as it takes that bulk out with good clip placement. I got it today.

    I liked it until I drew & reholstered a few times. I use appendix carry. I will say that I am a size 8 jean – so I’m neither skinny nor really overweight. On the reholster, my skin was getting pinched between the hard kydex and my gun. I tried different cants and heights, but the only way to avoid the pinching was to lean back a little, or shield my skin with my hand.
    If you hip carry or back carry, it probably wouldn’t be an issue.
    I may keep it another few days just to “retest” it, but if still bothers me, I’ll either return it or use the Foxx for practice and the TWAW for regular carry (when I’m not planning on reholstering much). I am hesitant about the latter, though, for consistency’s sake.

  149. Carrie

    I was so anxious to get this holster for my Ruger LCR , in purple of course, but upon it’s arrival, I was so disappointed in the function……….the holster kept coming out on my draw no matter what technique I tried. I called and spoke with Michelle who was very helpful. She recommended that I look at the “troubleshooting” area and use the method suggested with the hair dryer and plastic bag which I did. Unfortunately, it did not make the tight fit much looser and my holster still came out with the gun draw. I returned it, received very quick refund, and received the sticky holster which works for me. Wish the outcome could have been that I loved this holster. I did loved the color of course and that it was so slim and comfortable but it would not stay inside the waistband if I needed the gun so I have to give it a poor rating overall.

  150. Rachel

    I had been considering getting The Betty because I love your video you did of The Annie comparing it to traditional men’s holsters. I could not believe the difference the video showed comparing the two and the amount of “drop” The Annie allowed. I was hooked except I would rarely be given the opportunity to wear OWB. So that’s what led me to looking into The Betty. Until your posts I was following on FB about the new upcoming holster. So I waited, my husband surprise ordered, and just two short days later, it was here! This, by far, is my favorite holster! I love how small (width wise) and thin it is. My husband is even gonna order the carbon fiber for himself. Great product, great service and speedy shipping! We all know how important shipping is when you are anxious to get and try what’s coming! Thank you for everything you do!

  151. Sue

    Bravo on the new design! I altered the Betty myself so it would fit like this new design, it works well but not as sleek as this one. This holster will fit so slim and will be so functional for women who want to carry IWB. All I can say is… perfect, great job. Will be ordering it!

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