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VOTED one of the Top Ten Holsters by American Shooting Journal


Stocked models are Right Hand Draw with purple on the back and black carbon fiber on the front in select models;

See custom colors, other firearm models, and left hand draw here



These holsters are in-stock and ready to ship for 11 popular right handed gun models in the TWAW Standard colors: TWAW Purple on the back and Black Carbon Fiber on the front with purple eyelets

 Click here for Custom Colors/Models/Left Hand Draw

This design was VOTED one of the Top Ten Holsters by American Shooting Journal

Key functional features:

  • Its Got Curves Like You! Designed to hug a woman’s natural curve of  her hip and waist!
  • It’s A Two-For-One! This holster is reversible for both OWB and IWB carry.
  • No Holster Rides This Close! No protruding grip. No holster rides this close to your body providing  a solid, comfortable and very slim carry
  • Smooth comfort: Our holster is trimmed to remove any extra kydex and smoothed to perfection so no irritating sharp or protruding edges!
  • You Decide How Low: Our Low Ride Adjustable Clip lets you raise or lower the ride height to fit your body and clothing best. This keeps the grip low to the waistband for a woman’s shorter waist.
  • Wear with a Belt or No Belt: Comes with both clips and belt wings both 1 1/2″
  • Our Sweat Shield protects both your gun and your clothes from moisture and dirt.
  • Your Gun Stays Put! Holds your gun securely. Made of .080 Kydex to give you the ultimate retention.
  • 15-degree standard forward cant.

The two-toned and curved Well Armed Woman convertible holster solves the problems women typically have with on the waistband holsters! Wear it Outside the Waist or Inside the Waist. Comes with all the convertible hardware you need for either location, carry with a belt or without!  You can select the TWAW Standard option with TWAW Purple on the back and Black Carbon Fiber on the front with purple eyelets or select any two colors you wish!

These on the waistband holsters are molded with the curve already in it so it conforms to your body and rides exceptionally tight to your body, better than any other OWB Kydex holsters. Our adjustable clips and belt loops let you adjust how high or low you want your holster to ride.  The back of the holster is almost smooth to make the holster very comfortable even with the largest gun models.  It is made of .080 Kydex AND it is reversible! It also comes with both waistband clips and belt wings for the ultimate in versatility! (In The Waistband carry can only be used with the clips)

Of course you need a matching magazine holster

for a complete set!

See our Ready to ship Discount magazine holsters here or if we do not have it in stock we will custom order your holster for you Click here!

On The Waistband Holsters – fit troubleshooting

It is very common with Kydex holsters that it may be a bit snug or loose on your gun. Because they are molded there can be slight variations in the molding of your holster. You may need to simply custom fit it to your gun If your holster is either too tight around your gun (the gun doesn’t draw and perhaps comes off the waistband when you draw) or too loose and your gun slips out of the holster,  try this with your UNLOADED firearm::

Too tight: wrap your gun in a plastic bag to add just a bit of size to your gun. Heat the holster with a blow dryer to soften and put it on your wrapped gun and let cool.

Too loose: Heat the holster with a blow dryer to soften, insert your gun and “press” the holster around your gun then let cool.

If you have any questions or these techniques are not effective – send us an email at [email protected] we will make sure you are happy with your holster.

Click here to see custom colors, models, and left-hand draw options

Reviews (32)

32 reviews for On The Waistband Convertible Holster by TWAW – Ready to Ship

  1. Cookie (verified owner)

    This is my absolute favorite OWB Holster. It is great for everyday wear, and very comfortable. It is thin, compact and great for concealing your firearm. I highly recommend this if you are looking for an OWB Holster (I haven’t used the convertible hardware so I cannot review that).

  2. Leana Kiddy

    So I have gone through many holsters over the years and could never find anything that would allow me to carry my gun on me, I always resorted to carrying in my purse. I am 5’6″ tall and 250 lbs and carry a Taurus 9 mm. Most holsters on the market are designed for men who aren’t carrying alot of weight. I have loved shopping with TWAW so I found this holster one day while browsing the various products and the good reviews convinced me to buy. I also ordered a matching mag holster. Since my gun is an”off” brand I had to order a custom holster which took a few weeks. This was not an issue at all because I got an awesome holster. It was the blue color that I love and fit my gun without any adjustments. With a little finesse I was able to change the clips several times to determine which way was more comfortable for me to carry and after about a month I have settled on ITW as low as it will go and cross pull. This holster fits close to my body and is comfortable standing or sitting. My main concern is that I would have trouble with my muffin top but I soon learned that it wasn’t an issue. This holster has freed me from my purse. I can finally carry my gun on me without concerns that it will fall off or be seen because of the clothes I am wearing. That is the real secret to this product. It fits so close to your body that it is easily concealed by my everyday clothes which I could never get with any other holster I have tried. I do wear an undershirt when carrying because it is more comfortable for me, otherwise I feel the hard plastic against my skin. Now you don’t have to wear an undershirt with this, it is my personal preference since I have sensitive skin. I would suggest wearing a belt if you have a heavier gun like me, it just adds to the support of the holster. This has become my favorite and most cherished thing in my conceal inventory. Changing the brackets can be a little tricky but patience will get it done. If you are needing a solid holster that lives up to the claims that are made, you will not go wrong with this one. If you have an off brand gun go ahead and order, it is worth the wait. I finally have a choice. I carry in my purse when I wear a dress and ITW with everything else. Thank you so much for this product. I feel liberated!

  3. Dianne

    I love this holster! I have been wearing it with my Sig Sauer P238, and it is almost invisible, even under t-shirts. It has a very thin profile and the curve keeps it close to my waist. When I switched from the belt holders to the waistband clips, there was a problem lining up the holes, but it was easily fixed with a drill, and well worth the trouble. Like most concealed carry women, I have a drawer full of holsters that are just so-so, but this one can be worn with almost every outfit. I really recommend it.

  4. Debbie

    I just purchased a Walther PK380 and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this holster. I have never owned a Kydex holster so I was curious about it. It arrived today and I love it! It fits my 380 perfectly. It arrived with the loop attachment so I immediately changed it over to the clips. The transfer requires a screwdriver and is fairly simple but I did have a problem getting the screws into the top part of the belt clip since it is almost impossible to get your finger in between the the front and the back of it to hold things in place while trying to get the screw tightened. However, with some work I did get the clips attached. I don’t plan to change this around much so it shouldn’t be a problem. I ordered the old glory pattern and it is exactly what I was hoping for. I only wore it for a short time today owb but so far so good!

  5. Karisa

    This holster is beautiful. Works perfect on the belt. I did have problem with the clips though when trying to wear in in the waist band. The holes one the plastic ones didn’t line up and I ended up taking my knife and widening out one of the holes on the clips to make it fit. Works great after that! I had also ordered the ulticlip but if you have a Ruger LC9 w/CT I suggest not to bother with them. They are too long and the one digs into my laser on the grip.

  6. Kathy

    I received my holster and set it up for outside the waistband. It was a snug fit so I watched some YouTube videos for options to heating the holster with a hairdryer. I wrapped the pistol in a couple of layers of waxed paper, slid it in and out of the holster a few times, and left it in the holster overnight per the instructions in the video. When I got up the next morning I removed the pistol and the waxed paper and tested the fit and draw. Perfect!

  7. Debra

    This is my first Kydex holster and it fit my Shield 9 perfectly without adjustment. Retention is perfect and it’s very easy to draw from. You get access to your entire gun grip when you draw. Just received it and wore it OWB all day yesterday. Very comfortable. Changed over to IWB today (with belt) and it’s just as comfortable as wearing it OWB. I’m a “muffin top” as well and it was very comfortable to me between the 2 and 3:00 position IWB. No pinches. It sits so close to the body while wearing it OWB that it’s easy to conceal and that will probably be the way I use it the majority of the time. I ordered the black with purple on the back but now wish I’d taken the time and gotten a custom colored one. Oh well…love it and certainly would purchase it again after having it only 2 days.

  8. Tara

    I bought this holster for my M&P Pro Series 9mm for competition at IDPA matches. It is a great holster for that purpose, the retention is perfect. I love how secure it holds my gun. You can run with this holster on and the gun isn’t going to budge. The holster fits close to my body and is very comfortable OWB. The quality is amazing and the customer service is top notch as well.

  9. Brenda Ottarski

    I love everything about this holster!

  10. Sig girl

    There isn’t anything wrong with this holster unless you want to carry iwb, and you don’t have a flat stomach. The little skinny piece at the top will jab you in the side carrying in some positions. And I can’t stand to carry on my backside. I like to carry on my right hand side. I just can’t carry it comfortably unless it’s owb, and can’t conceal it well without maybe a larger fitting jacket in the Winter. Not for muffin tops….thinking about getting a leather holster for iwb.

  11. Lucy

    I love the way this holster curves around the body. I did have some trouble with the clips, the 1 hole on each clip didnt line up correctly so it took some doing to get the screw to fasten in. Once i was done fighting with it, i put it on the waistband of my jeans. When i drew my gun, the holster came off with it. I had also tried the ulticlips, while they stayed on my pants, the clips allowed the holster to shift around when i drew my gun. So far i think its only good to worn on a belt, something I was trying to avoid. Disappointed.

  12. Sarah T.

    I bought this holster for my Glock 17. I only use it OWB as the 17 is too big for me to conceal. I love this holster! It is extremely comfortable. The only issue I have had is that the screws occasionally fall out. Because of the limited space, and lack of holes on the outer top portion of the clips, it is difficult to tighten the screws really well. I solved the problem by putting holes myself, but would love to see this issue fixed on future clips!

  13. Sandy

    When I first tried this holster with the utility clip, I thought my holster prayers had been answered, however on the range with the belt clip attachment, the belt clip would not hold on my gun belt and I drew the gun and holster together. Epic equipment fail for my first time on this range with folks I’d never met before. Yikes! Red face for sure. I will use it with the pants clip but no more on the range.

  14. First and last purchase

    This looks like it would be a great holster. I won’t actually be able to judge the holster itself until I actually receive it. Ordered this 8 weeks ago. According to the “special order” models it takes 3-5 weeks. I call to check every week and the same lady answers but never has a reason why I haven’t received it yet. I just get the same promise that she’ll look into it and I’ll receive an email when it ships. Honestly I’ve lost hope. I bought from The Well Armed Woman because of what the organization supports. But I would have much rather walked into another sexist gun store and bought the exact same holster, and yes I’ve seen it elsewhere or can have it made, than to rely on a response back from a company that has no clue what their doing with their business. Best of luck.

  15. kjglhiu


  16. Sam

    I bought this holster in Old Glory for my Glock 19. I use the clips rather than the belt loops as it feels more secure for me. I use it for open carry only (the 19 is too big to cc for me!), kidney/side carry. It feels extremely secure and rides close to the body. I love that it has a high guard on the inside so you don’t get pinched! When I place my gun in the holster, it sort of clicks into place so you know its firmly held. Love love love this holster and once its on sale again I will be buying one for my Glock 43!

  17. Jessica Folsom

    I love this holster! It fits my body and Glock 43 perfectly; comfortable and secure, easily concealed. My husband said it’s a better then his holster. Thank you Well-Armed Woman for looking out for women’s need and creating a great holster.

  18. Kim

    I LOVE this holster. I like the versatility. It allows me to wear on my waist with a belt or IWB. It stay secure IWB and doesn’t shift or ride up as similar ones do. I love it so much that I have 4! One for each of my handguns. In fact, I had ordered one for my Glock 17 in anticipation of a class with Gabby Franco this weekend. Initially, I received the wrong holster, but the return was painless and free. I phone TWAW yesterday and asked them if it was in its way. It wasn’t, BUT not to worry. The overnighted it to me. I received it today and in time for my class tomorrow. FREE upgraded shipping! Great holsters. fantastic customer service!

  19. Gina

    Once again another great product from TWAW! Just received this holster for my FNS 9 and the fit is perfect. I ordered the kryptek yeti which is a much lighter color (almost white instead of gray) than what was shown on the website. However, it looks awesome and is really different. Very comfortable to wear as it sits just right on my hip.

  20. Janet

    This holster holds my Sig P238 perfectly. However, I am wondering if they sent the wrong clips. The holes don’t match up. Are there different clips for different holsters? I can only attach one screw on each clip. For that reason, I can only give it 3 stars.

  21. Debra C.

    I’m very disappointed in this holster.
    There are aspects I LOVE, such as the curved fit and the convertibility of it.

    it doesn’t work effectively for the most important aspect (ability to draw quickly) unless you are wearing a belt or jeans. When I have tried to use it, even with pants that have a wider waistline like jeans, the holster comes out on the back side of it with the gun. this is DANGEROUS in a situation where drawing quickly for use would be imperative. I will wear it with a belt or occasionally with jeans and no belt but will have to get something else for other times. My one other “wish” would be if it had the backing that the Ava has….that is REALLY comfortable!

    Hopefully they will get some better clips for the pants that we can purchase for this holster soon.

    I really wish I could still get an Ava holster for my new gun 🙁

  22. Natalie

    Over 5 weeks since order and payment, still waiting……..

  23. Jodie Gutierrez

    I’m in love with this holster. I waited 5 weeks to get it but it was well worth it. I’ve struggled to find a holster that sits comfortably and conceals well. This one does it for me. No more.uncomfortable scratching or gun shifting. I customized it to the Old Glory pattern just for fun. This holster is both pretty and does an awesome job. No adjustments needed to fit my gun. I carry a sig 938. I will definitely be ordering more from TWAW and probably another convertible for my other sig. Well done TwAW. I’m one VERY happy customer!

  24. Heather

    This new holster was even better than I expected. It is light weight and much more compact than I thought it would be. The holster completely covers the trigger and its curved design makes it more comfortable than other OWB holsters I have tried. I carry a Ruger LC9 and it fit my gun perfectly with no adjustments required. The holster rides close to my body with the belt loops and it is easy to draw from. This is my first Kydex holster and I am very pleased. It is constructed well and was worth the wait. The holster securely holds my firearm which gives me peace of mind with OWB carry. My favorite feature is the custom color combination, and I love the wide range of options to have fun with. Overall it is a great investment for any woman shooter who wants to add a little flair to a drawer full of plain holsters. Thank you Well-Armed Woman!

  25. Kim

    I would like to see this holster but uses the height/gun placement of the AVA. I like the clips on this holster as they are tighter and more consistent than the metal spring clips. Occasionally metal spring clips ride up. I also like the fact I can slide the holster horizontally in either direction if an adjustment is needed (whereas with metal clips I have to remove the whole apparatus to make a 1/2″ adjustment.) The Kydex also provides a much firmer holster, for more consistent reholstering than the AVA.
    What I am disappointed in: converting is not as easy as I expected. Maybe there is no way to help this, but to put the top screw in the IWB setup, you have to pull on the clip while manipulating a screw head under it. Don’t plan on converting this quickly. Secondly, the gun rides much higher above the belt than the AVA. There are 2 options, but even with going for the “deepest” I could, I have far more exposed gun above the waistline then I want.

  26. Kristin S.

    Just got my holster Christmas Eve. I love it. My S&W 40 fits PERFECTLY! No adjustment required. Easy to change the hardware for however you want to wear it. Firearm is secure, no wiggles in any direction. Mine was special order and definitely worth the wait! I would recommend this holster to anyone!

  27. Heather

    This new holster was even better than I expected. It is light weight, compact, and the color options make it fun to customize. I have never tried a Kydex holster and I am glad that I found this one. The holster holds my Ruger LC9 securely and gives me peace of mind when I open carry. I love how close it rides on my body compared to how bulky my old hoster was. It is easy to draw from and very stylish. I can’t wait to wear it to the range. Thank you Well-Armed Woman, it’s perfect!

  28. Toni Rastello

    I am curvy and short waisted, for years I’ve had my holsters custom made. I’m really impressed how comfortable this holster is, you forget you’re wearing it – no poking and no scratching. I ordered it for my Glock 26 and now I’m ordering one for my Shield. Thank you TWAW!

  29. Debbie B.

    I love this holster! It’s comfortable to wear IWB or OWB. I love how easy it is to change from one to the other. Instructions are easy and the kydex holds my gun securely. The only thing I would change is to have a retention strap for open carry. I know my gun isn’t going to fall out, but I’m a little leery about open carry without a retention strap.

  30. Crystal

    I have been looking for a kydex holster that could be worn both inside and outside the waistband for a while now. I was so excited when I received the newsletter with this holster in it. I couldn’t wait to get it. I ordered it that day. I can’t believe how comfortable it is to wear. I often have a hard time finding holsters that fit because I’m only 5’2. This one fits perfectly! I also carry a Glock 27 so it’s a heavier gun. I find that other holsters don’t keep it as secure as I’d like it. That is not the case with this one. It rides close to the body and isn’t going anywhere. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a holster. Thank you Well Armed Woman for coming through with this holster!!!!

  31. Katie

    I love this holster, I also have the Ava but wanted this because it can be worn in and on the waistband (it’s my first OWB holster) I was surprised with the size, it’s very thin and compact making it very easy to conceal and it holds very close to the body. I was also surprised with how comfortable it was, I don’t know what to expect with it being all kydex but it’s great. It also feels very secure, it doesn’t wiggle or move at all, I’m very comfortable wearing the holster. The only problem I had was with the retention, it was VERY tight when I got it but it was an easy fix, just followed the directions with a plastic bag and hairdryer and it’s perfect now. Thank you Well Armed Woman!

  32. Vicki C.

    Skeptical but curious about this holster. Wanted an IWB kydex holster for ease of draw and re-holstering, 2 j-hooks instead of one to prevent the holster from shifting during daily wear plus ease of re-distributing weight of firearm on the belt, and a curved holster to provide a “close fit” to waist so as not to show printing from the handle of firearm.
    Met requirements, decided to order one.
    Worn it daily since it arrived. Few minor adjustments needed but easy to do following accompanying instructions.
    After adjusting the holster without firearm in the holster thought the holster to be a little lose; however, once the firearm is in the holster and on side, body snugged up on the tension. Drawing and re-holstering is easy and the firearm stays put. (The firearm also stays in the holster when using the bathroom!)
    Final evaluation summed up in one word…”Finally!” Thank you!!!
    Now, what to do with all those other holsters in the closet?

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